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NWP SAF Scatterometer Monitoring

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The main aim of the NWP SAF scatterometer monitoring site is to highlight differences between scatterometer and NWP model estimates of ocean surface wind vectors. This is primarily done by comparing observed wind vectors (O) with model background wind values (B) from a recent short-range forecast.

The monitoring is divided in to two parts; near real time (NRT) and monthly. Dedicated NRT monitoring pages are currently available for the ASCAT-A, ASCAT-B and RapidScat scatterometers, as well as the WindSat polarimetric radiometer. The purpose of the monthly monitoring archive is to highlight where there are persistent differences between the observations and the model background and also to show seasonal trends. Past instruments such as OSCAT and ERS-2 are also kept in the archive.

This site also hosts information on how scatterometer winds are assimilated at different NWP centres. These details can be found by following the links on the NWP page.


NWP Models

The NWP models used in the monitoring are the Met Office global deterministic model and the UKV regional model. For more information on these models see the Met Office NWP page.

Development Plan Summary

In development:
Completed tasks:
  • Added RapidScat 25-winds to NRT monitoring (Sep 2015)
  • Added UKV plots to the monthly monitoring (Jul 2015)
  • Added RapidScat 25-winds to monthly monitoring (Jan 2015)
  • Added coastal ASCAT winds to monthly monitoring (Sep 2014)
  • NRT monitoring for ASCAT-B (May 2013)
  • NRT monitoring for OSCAT (Jan 2013)
  • Monthly statistics for ASCAT-B (Dec 2012)
  • Added mean/RMS vector difference plots as a function of wind vector cell (June 2012).
  • Added NWP information for ECMWF (May 2012).
  • NWP information updated for UKMO, JMA and Environment Canada (May 2012).
  • Monitoring plots from OSCAT on Oceansat-2 (Aug 2011).
  • Added U and V wind component plots to the monthly monitoring (June 2011).
  • NWP section updated with details on scatterometer assimilation from JMA (May 2011).

Further Information

Please use the NWP SAF Feedback Form if you have comments or suggestions about this product, or if you would like your NWP centre to contribute to future versions.

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