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Satellite Application Facility for Numerical Weather Prediction

The NWP SAF is a EUMETSAT-funded activity that exists to co-ordinate research and development efforts among the SAF partners to improve the interface between satellite data and NWP for the benefit of EUMETSAT member states. The NWP SAF is led by the Met Office, with partners ECMWF, KNMI and Météo-France. More about the aims of the NWP SAF.

NWP SAF overview from EUMETSAT's IMAGE newsletter (PDF file)

 NWP SAF deliverables
The SAF is concerned with the NWP data assimilation process rather than with generating geophysical parameters. Its main deliverables are software packages and data monitoring reports.
 NWP SAF news
  • AAPP update 7.9 has been released. This includes a new version of the MAIA4 cloud mask for VIIRS. A new feature is that MAIA4 can accept model background fields from the GFS model - available via the internet. More information is available on the AAPP pages. 24 Feb 2015.
  • Version 2.1 of the Aerosol and Cloud Detection Software has been released. As a new feature, the software makes use of collocated imager information to assist the cloud detection for IASI radiances. See the Cloud Detection Software pages for more information. 19 Feb 2015.
  • AAPP update 7.8 has been released. This includes tools for converting AAPP binary files to HDF5 format, which was a request from the ITSC-19 conference Direct Broadcast Technical Subgroup. More information is available on the AAPP pages. 08 Dec 2014.
  • Radiance Simulator 1.0 has been released. This new NWPSAF deliverable is designed to provide a flexible interface to NWP model fields in order to enable the generation of simulated observations for all instruments supported by RTTOV in a straightforward way. The Radiance Simulator is designed to work specifically with datasets from NWP models, either analysis fields or short-range forecasts. See the Radiance Simulator web pages for more details. 17 Nov 2014.
  • RTM - A new ECMWF diverse profiles dataset has been released. The profiles are specified on a 137-level grid extending from surface up to 0.01 hPa. The database is divided in to five subsets focussing on diverse sampling of temperature, specific humidity, ozone mixing ratio, cloud condensates and precipitation. The dataset is available on the RT modelling pages. 17 Nov 2014.
 Further news items can be seen on the NWP SAF News page.
 Visiting scientists

A visiting scientist programme allows scientists from institutions that are not SAF members to participate in the activities of the SAF. More about visiting scientists.
 Contact us
Questions for other users and developers can be posted on the RTTOV or AAPP Forums. To contact us with other enquiries, please use the NWP SAF Helpdesk link, or use a software request form to request a software deliverable.
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This area of the site is restricted to the NWP SAF Development Team.

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