Visiting Scientists

Visiting Scientists

As part of the NWP SAF project we have an ongoing visiting scientist programme. This programme allows scientists from institutions that are not SAF members to participate in the activities of the SAF, either as Visiting Scientists or as Associate Scientists, through appropriate projects in their home institutes. If you are interested in joining us for e.g. 1-6 months to work on one of our research projects please feel free to contact us via the Helpdesk.

Recent visits

IdTitleHostAppointed ScientistStartEndTask is
NWP_VS16_08ASCAT-6.25 validation on coastal jets – 2KNMI, Ad StoffelenIsabel Monteiro04/07/2016
NWP_VS16_07Atmospheric clear-sky Radiative Transfer
model intercomparison at mm/submm
Met Office, Roger Saunders, James HockingJuan R. Pardo25/09/201630/09/2016Completed
NWP_VS16_04Assessment of the mesospheric temperature sounding channels of SSMISMet Office, Bill Bell and Anna BootonBenjamin Ruston10/05/2016 20/05/2016Completed
NWP_VS16_03An investigation of the impact of the assimilation of M-T SAPHIR data in the Met Office data assimilation systemMet Office, Bill Bell and Amy DohertyIndira Rani01/07/201630/07/2016Completed
NWP_VS16_02Optimization of ASCAT data assimilation in global NWPICM-CSIC, Ad StoffelenWenming Lin01/01/201618/11/2016Completed
NWP_VS16_01Comparison of MFASIS fast RT model and RTTOV-12Met Office, Roger Saunders and James HockingLeonhard Scheck11/04/2016

NWP_VS15_05ASCAT-6.25 validation on coastal jetsKNMI, Ad StoffelenIsabel Monteiro10/201510/2015Completed
NWP_VS15_04Investigation into the partitioning of cloud signals into IASI reconstructed radiancesMet Office, Fiona SmithOlaf Stiller
08/2015 09/2015Completed
NWP_VS15_03MFASIS - a fast radiative transfer method for the visible spectrumMet Office, Roger SaundersLeonhard Scheck04/201504/2015Completed
NWP_VS15_02Microwave Surface Emissivity over sea-iceECMWF, A.J. Geer and S.J. English Fabrizio Baordo 05/201505/2015Completed
NWP_VS15_01Constrained adaptive bias correction for satellite radiance assimilation in the ECMWF 4D-Var system ECMWF, T. McNallyWei Han08/2015 02/2016Completed
NWP_VS14_05Validation of foam coverage derived from wave dissipative energy from a wave model for RTTOVECMWF, S. EnglishM. Anguelova 07/201407/2014Completed
NWP_VS14_04An evaluation of FY-3C satellite data quality at ECMWF and the Met OfficeECMWF, S. English and Met Office, W. BellQifeng Lu 08/08/2014
NWP_VS14_02On mesoscale analysis and ASCAT ambiguity removal(ICIM-CSIC)
Ad Stoffelen, KNMI
Marcos Portabella and
Wenming Lin
NWP_VS14_01Preliminary studies towards the use of IASI PC products in the Météo-France global data assimilation systemCNRS/GAME
V. Guidard
Stéphanie Guedj 01/07/201418/12/2014Completed
NWP_VS13_04NWP SAF Workshop on Efficient representation of Hyper-spectral Infrared Satellite Obervations - PC assimilation

Météo France
Tony McNally

Vincent Guidard 04/11/2013 07/11/2013Completed
NWP_VS13_03NWP SAF Workshop on Efficient representation of Hyper-spectral Infrared Satellite Obervations - PC assimilation

Tony McNally

Andrew Collard
NWP_VS13_02The Zeeman effect implementation for SSMIS in ARTS v. RTTOVLuleå University of Technology
Division of Space Technology
Roger Saunders
Richard Larsson10/02/2014
NWP_VS13_01The RTTOV UWiremis module: Investigation into the angular dependence of IR surface emissivityUniversity of Wisconsin
Madison USA
Roger Saunders
Eva Borbas09/04/2013 31/12/2013Completed
NWP_VS12_04RTTOV-11 beta testingVarious Institutes,
Roger Saunders
Various01/01/2013 03/01/2013 Completed
NWP_VS12_03Evaluation of control variables for the assimilation of cloud-affected infrared radiancesMet Office, Ed PavelinDr. Pauline Martinet,
NWP_VS12_02Improved ocean emissivity modelling for assimilation of microwave imagers using foam coverage derived from a wave modelECMWF, Steve EnglishDr. Louis Francois Meunier
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