RTTOV v12 Code Updates and Known Issues

RTTOV v12 Code Updates

Updates and bug fixes to RTTOV v12 will be published here.

Known bugs and issues

Please report any bugs you find in RTTOV using the NWP SAF Feedback Form. The official release package doesn’t contain the bug fixes or updates listed here so you should apply any fixes provided below.

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17/03/2017Bug - fixedIf you carry out visible/IR aerosol simulations using the predefined particle types and you do not use the RTTOV interpolator (i.e. profiles are input on coefficient levels) then the relative humidity calculation is not carried out. This will result in errors in the calculation of optical properties of those aerosol types which vary with humidity. There is no problem if you are using the RTTOV interpolator.

A code fix is available: extract the file rttov121_bugfix_20170317_aerosol.tar.gz in the src/main/ directory and recompile RTTOV.
27/02/2017Bug - fixedThe TELSEM2 emissivity atlas returns emissivity values slightly greater than one for some locations with climatological sea ice for channels at 85GHz and greater. If these values are passed directly into RTTOV v12, it will fail with an error saying there are invalid emissivity values.

This can be avoided either by explicitly capping the emissivities from the atlas at 1. in your own code (e.g. "emis = MIN(1., emis)") or by downloading this updated source file to src/emis_atlas/ and recompiling RTTOV.