Microwave Imager Pre-processor (MWIPP)

Current version: v1.1, March 2022
MWIPP is a new software package that has been developed to process microwave imager data from several different instruments. The first release of the package (version 1.0) handles SSMIS, AMSR-2, GMI and MWRI data. Later, it will be extended to process data from MWI and ICI on the Metop-SG-B satellite series, due for first launch in late 2024. Consideration will also be given to supporting The MTVZA-GY instrument on the Meteor-M N2 satellite series.

MWIPP incorporates relevant functionality from the SSMIS-PP deliverable, namely the ability to ingest BUFR data, perform spatial averaging and create output BUFR files. In addition, it is able to ingest native-format hdf5 files for AMSR-2, GMI and MWRI, optionally map the brightness temperatures to a user-defined grid (e.g. NWP grid), and create output files in BUFR or hdf5 format.

Instructions for downloading and installing the software are given in the Release Note (see below).

User Manual

MWIPP User Manual (v1.1, Mar 2022)

Release Notes

v1.1 (15 Mar 2022)
v1.0 (05 Feb 2019)

Reference documents

MWIPP Product Specification
MWIPP Version 1 Top Level Design
MWIPP Version 1 Test Plan
Design proposals for EPS-SG pre-processing in AAPP and MWIPP (June 2021)

Test cases

Test cases can be downloaded from the NWP SAF web site.