The NWP SAF follows a programme of continuous development with periodic releases of deliverables. The programme is periodically reviewed to reflect evolving user requirements. Each year detailed plans are defined for the year ahead, together with outline plans for the remaining period of the SAF. For information on the latest developments see the news page.

Current Software Packages

Software PackageMost Recent VersionLatest release date
1D-Var (One-Dimensional Variational Analysis package)1.1February 2017
AAPP (ATOVS and AVHRR Pre-processor)

7.15February 2017
AWDP (ASCAT Wind Data Processor)3.0February 2017
RTTOV radiative transfer model and model-based profile datasets12.1February 2017
Aerosol and Cloud Detection Software Package for High Resolution Infrared Sounders2.3January 2017
PenWP (Pencil Beam Wind Processor)2.0.01December 2015
Radiance Simulator1.1October 2015
SSMIS PP (SSMIS Pre-processing Package)1November 2010
IASI PCA-based Compression Package1September 2008